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KaRen TurNeR

Address: London. England


DOB: 8 September 1970​

wHat HavE I DonE.

Since leaving school at 15 I have gained an all-encompassing amount of experience within diverse and well varied work placements. I believe that education comes for some people through action. My decision to enter the education system at 39 years old was initiated by a change in my style of living and ful-filling an Art School fantasy.

ExhIbitIons, parTicipAtIonS, cOLAboraTIonS.

2020. "Exploring Positions", residency collaboration with Nigel Turner

2019. "Embrace Your Space", curator

2019. "Cavecinema", exhibitor and co-curator
2019. "Cavewomen", exhibitor and co-curator
2019. "One Months Rent and Rates", solo exhibition
2018. "Same but Different. INCON...", collaboration with Neil Ferguson
2018. "Microacts 4", participation
2017, 2018, 2019. "Auntie-Freeze", curator
2017. "Letting off Steam", solo exhibition
2017. "Central House Assembly", residency

2016.  "Elastic Medium"... (group show), Campbell Works, 27 Belfast Road LONDON, N16 6UN. Curated by G George.

2015.  "Ghost/ New Life"... (group show), Iklectik Art Lab, Old Paradise Yard’20 Carlisle Lane, LONDON,SE1 7LG. Curated by JB Ghost.

2014. "Stir"... (group show), Marsh Ruby Restuarant, 30 Lower Marsh, Waterloo,LONDON,SE1 7RG. Curated by Fans of Feminism.

2014. "Mollify"... (invited contributor), Gem Space, 55 Dalston Lane,LONDON,E8 2NG. Curated by JB Ghost.

2013. "Please Come"... (Degree Show), Central House, Aldgate East,LONDON,E1 7PF. Curated by 2013 Cass Grads.

2013. "THOTS" AND... (invited contributor), Mile End Pavilion,LONDON,E3 4QY. Curated by Neil Ferguson.

2013. “Cass Occupy Red Gallery"… (group show),Red Gallery, Rivington Street,LONDON,EC2A 3DT. Curated by selected 2013 Cass Grads

2013. “Fans of Feminism”… (group show),The Bank, Central House, Aldgate East,LONDON,E1 7PF. Curated by Fans of Feminism. 

2013. “Easter Bunny”… (group show), The Bank, Central House, Aldgate East,LONDON,E1 7PF. Curated by Cass students.

2012. “Q-Art presents#4”… (group show), APT Gallery, 6 Creekside London,LONDON,SE8 4SA. Curated by luis Ignacio.

2012. “Christmas Cracker”… (group show), The Bank, Central House, Aldgate East,LONDON,E1 7PF. Curated by Cass Students.

2012. “45”… (group show), C4RD, 2-4 Highbury Station Rd, LONDON,N1 1SB. Curated by Andrew Hewish,C4RD.

2012. “Common Art”… (group show), Bread and Roses, 68 Clapham Manor St,LONDON,SW4 6DZ. Curated by Common Art.


2014-Present Day. "Cave" AN ARTIST LEAD RETAIL SPACE.

2013. "This is Not Public 2" Neil Ferguson... Five years Space,66 Regents Studios,8 Andrews Rd,LONDON,E8 4QN

2013. "Stone Chat" Rosemarie Mcgoldrick... Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, 31 Cragg Path,Aldeburgh,SUFFOLK,IP15 5BS

2012. “Zero-Infinity” Rasheed Araeen… The Tate Tanks, Tate Modern,Bankside,LONDON,SE1 9TG

2012. “Old Flo Shmob” Bob and Roberta Smith… Tower Hamlets Council,Town Hall,Mulberry Place,5 Clove Cescent,LONDON,E14 2BG

2012. “Join the Art Party” Bob and Roberta Smith… Hales Gallery, 7 Bethnal Green Rd,LONDON,E1 6LA

2010 - present

2010 - present


The CASS School of Art, Architecture and Design

​2010 - 2013

BA Upper Second Class Honours Fine Art.


Camberwell College of Art


Fondation Diploma in Art and Design.  



2013. Owen Rowley Award.

2013. Cass Alumni Award.




FARA Charity Shops

2005-2009 shop manager

2004-2005 part-time sales/window dresser

2003-2004 volunteer

​Volunteering- leading onto management of local childrens charity shop given free reign to design and develop the apearance of the shop and create all displays.

Participated in the set-up and opening of two new shops.



The hardest most satisfying job ever!



Running my own business. Dealing with all aspects of running a business. Manufacture, networking, administation.



During this time i tried my hand at a multitude of different jobs from gift basket designer to trainee glazier and everyhing inbetween.


I doNe a COurSe On tHat...


Westminster Adult Education

Evening Classes

Ladbroke Grove





Ebury Tech​​​​


​Drawing and Portraiture​

​Computers for beginners

​​Pimlico School​




Theatrical makeup


1990-1993 Princes Youth Business Trust Training and Employment, Clapham Common.

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