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HOmaGe to LOUiSe BoURgeOIS

My drawings are part of an on-going body of work revolving around the theme of attachments. Emotional, physical and material attachments.  Inspired by The writings and works of Louise bougeous this series of 45 drawings was created with the attitude of “what will be, will be”.

Using stitch as a drawing tool to create the images and only allowing myself the exact amount of paper to start meant that any “mistakes” that occurred became part of the work. The irregularities in the stitch made the outcome more interesting.  Using this method helped me overcome my overwhelming obsession with erasing…

My aim is to develop a practise that evolves. Bringing together and engaging with family, friends and communities. (Making them as important as the piece itself).  A series of installations that use many craft forms, manipulating the transformative quality of crafting to create ephemeral, playful, extraordinary sculptural patterns and objects. I want to celebrate women’s creativity. Re-contextualising craft activities traditionally associated with domestic space.

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