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Maintaining Identity 2012 

A conversation appendix:

K: Hey babes, have been thinking about our conversation b4 U left and I don't think U understand my thoughts behind  the apron performance...The reason for wanting to do the two pieces is all about maintaining identity... The fact that I have asked U to direct me in some way is what makes it interesting.... I feel that U are not getting that about me or that you don't feel supportive towards the project? It is important that you feel it? U don't have to like it!!! Hopefully this explains things a little clearer? Your opinion means a lot to me.... See u tomorrow, sweet dreams. K.x



ART: I think that my opinion is always looking through aspects of your projects that unfortunately you cannot see or refuse for some reason to see. Don't give me bullshit give me evidence that you do take seriously your art. By eliminating the value of art inside you instantly eliminates you as an artist! Take your art seriously in order to become serious artist that values and considers every aspects and come up with inventive ideas! Don't follow others! Make your own path but always remember to take seriously what you are doing! All the above is pure interest in you as a friend! My intentions are always true and good. I can only speak the truth! nothing than that!                                                   

ART: I do apologise if I sound too hard! I do believe that you are the next Ceal Floyer but that takes work! See you tomorrow for filming! Xxx    


K: Your response to my text is exactly what I am getting at! I take my art seriously but it will never consume me! What makes us unique is the fact that we think and feel differently about where we want to place ourselves... I follow my own path but I am very aware that I am learning from all that surrounds me and if by taking this on board, I walk along someone else’s path for a while well this is fine by me... Art school for me is about enhancing what is already there; I am not here for a life change, just a life experience! Our differences are what attracted me to you, and our differences will be there at the end of this experience... But for me more importantly than anything is friendships and achievements... I will never conform but will always be your friend! PS... I see myself as the next Bobby Baker... K.x

ART: Fair enough! Xxx

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