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The day to day running of cave comprises of a second hand shop with workshop, café, Gallery and studio space. Running Exhibitions and Artist Residences. Selling ready-mades, re-claimed and found objects some as seen, some being worked on by cave artists to create ad hoc and bespoke pieces to be sold to passing trade.

cave's objectives are to keep the interest around the space exciting with an ever changing range of things on sale with proposed and spontaneous creative happenings within the space. A space that people will want to come to just to see ‘what’s happening there today’.

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I Make Art In My Kitchen residency



This year's resident artists are Nigel & Karen Turner. They are going to use Cavespace over the month of January to explore their positions within Cave and see if a collaborative artwork/installation can represent their vision of the final year there. This artwork is going to collaborate experience of the space and its celebration and will result in an event with exhibition/gathering/divorce😄 

Cavecinema is an exciting collaborative film festival at Cave, Pimlico.

Beginning with self-doc, a screening curated by post-minimalist filmmaker Constantine Elijah, showcasing documentaries observing the filmmaker as an object. Q&A will follow each film screening. 

Next day will see a takeover by MicroActs, curated by artist filmmaker Liberty Antonia Sadler, presenting a programme of expressive & thought-provoking storytelling through moving image. This event will also feature an artist filmmaker Q&A with invited guests talking about their films & art practice.

Bringing it home on the final day is Karen’s Choice, short films curated by Cave’s own Karen Turner, a warm & welcoming day of film & food.


Cavecinema is a celebration of the art of filmmaking from London & beyond.

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Looking at an internet images search for ‘cavewoman in art’ vs ‘caveman in art’ gives a stark visual reminder of why challenging patriarchies is needed! 

Were all stone age images made by men? Did cavewomen wear leopard skin bikinis?


CAVEWOMEN own our paradoxes and laugh at them. A group show of feminist art using practices that shaped the feminist art movement, subverting and reclaiming gender stereotypes from the mass media to positively assert female identities and address issues confronting patriarchy and sexism in art and society. Come join our Fem-Collage workshop, enjoy performance, video and artworks which will awaken your feminist anima.

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Auntie-Freeze is all about artists! Professional, part timer, insider, outsider, amateurs and everything in between. Auntie-Freeze is interested in how the process of making, whatever our reasons, position, practise or medium make us feel. Art is intuitive and the people that make it (us) are fascinating!...


All the works have not been Censored, Judged or Critiqued in the choosing. The call was open with some size rules and a deadline!... All submissions were accepted.

(clikck each image for seeing more details for each event)

"Art is not there simply to be understood. ... It is more the sense of an indication or suggestion" . Joseph Beuys​

In preparation of the events the conversations between Neil Ferguson & Karen Turner have followed a consistent pattern of exploring narratives to be found in rules to"grouping things".

However, is the physical product of collaborative discussion a clear record of what has been discussed? If our "thinking about things" is important, what does making things add? Is all collaborative art thinking back to front? How will "things" or lack of them satisfy our interests in making 2 events "THE Same but different "…


"THE Same but different "… will be 2very different events in 2 different venues

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RE-abSORptioN of Objects inTo The fabRIC of LIFe

Karen’s recent work ‘Re-absorption of objects into the fabric of Life’ utilizing her family’s (pre-digital) photo and music collection has initiated an intense line of thought around peoples response to the destruction of what people see as a memory, not an object. Even when the object is no longer useful, they still hold a memory/trace of time. When used within an art practise Karen believes they become more relevant in society’s history as a means of creating both an individual and collective narrative.


Talk and Feed are part of an on-going body of work revolving around the theme of attachments. Emotional, physical and material attachments.

Through observation and experimentation I started thinking about the deconstruction of the construction with the use of photography and light, while exploring further my interest in video and performance. I feel the results are a stronger visual image than the sculptures themselves.

MainTaininG IdenTitY

"I follow my own path but I am very aware that I am learning from all that surrounds me and if by taking this on board, I walk along someone else’s path for a while well this is fine by me... Art school for me is about enhancing what is already there; I am not here for a life change, just a life experience! Our differences are what attracted me to you, and our differences will be there at the end of this experience..."

HOmaGe to LOUiSe BoURgeOIS

Using stitch as a drawing tool to create the images and only allowing myself the exact amount of paper to start meant that any “mistakes” that occurred became part of the work. The irregularities in the stitch made the outcome more interesting.  Using this method helped me overcome my overwhelming obsession with erasing…


Wanting to lighten the concept and taking note of the reactions of amusement I was getting from my experimental sculptures I started looking at the idea of a machine that went everywhere but nowhere, wasn’t capable of anything but connected me to everything.

This project has taken me down a direction that came solely from experimentation.

The outcome being the machine is feeding me...

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