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Spin 2012

Stronger shadow of my former self 2012​​

Two-faced 2012

Talk and Feed are part of an on-going body of work revolving around the theme of attachments. Emotional, physical and material attachments.

This project started with me looking at the attachment formed through communication. 

My initial research was an exploration of materials, leftovers from previous projects, found objects and my long term mission to excavate the vast collection of “I will do something with that one day” stuff that has accumulated in my back cupboard.

Setting myself up with some rules and systems of making helped me understand how materials can be manipulated and constructed.

Working out structures through experimentation, the materials took on a whole new meaning, leading me away from my initial concept and changing my positioning towards using systems.

Through a mixture of personal choice and sticking to a fixed set of rules the materials suggested options, introducing me to an artwork that would never have arisen had I not allowed myself this form of structure in my making. The assembling of the materials did not always have the aesthetic preference that I usually commit to in my work but the resulting lessons I learnt about my materials gave me an insight into how setting up systems and rules can influence a projects outcome.

Through observation and experimentation I started thinking about the deconstruction of the construction with the use of photography and light, while exploring further my interest in video and performance. I feel the results are a stronger visual image than the sculptures themselves.

My work is always heavily influenced by my emotions and having had a term tainted with issues of a personal nature and questioning the politics of art school has given this project a dark side not usually visible in previous projects. The resulting installations created a dialogue amongst my peers that has helped me understand and see things in my work and myself that I was not aware of.

The outcome being me communicating with myself…

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